Proval Bay


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Fact # 1 this place has a sad history. Thus in 1862 the kudarinskoye earthquake occurred. It was assigned a magnitude of 10. Near Delta of the Selenga River, a huge plot of land larger than two hundred square miles went under the water had taken 6 settlements and the lives of over 1000 people away.

Fact # 2 – the depth of the Bay is not big as you expected judging by the name. it is about 5 meters, in comparison  with Barguzin Bay with its depth – 1284 meters seems quite small.

Place to go and things to do:

Tourist village under the name enkheluk attracts with its pristine natural beauty, mixed deciduous and coniferous forests, sandy and rocky beaches, and most important thing the serenity that proves its name which can be translated from Buryat language as “peace or tranquility”.

A place called “dulan” abounds with flat terrains and different types of beaches. This place is suitable for putting a tent up, singing  under a guitar and cooking BBQ. It is always good experience to travel in spartan amenities.

As everywhere else the tourist centers of this place offer a variety of leisure activities, from Biking and walks, to the watery excursions on boats.

Be sure to visit a real Russian “banya” – it makes you feel like new. You probably heard about this thing, it is similar to sauna but much better and more severe. If you try it you will have an opportunity to show off. Every tourist who comes Russia shoud visit Russian “banya” but not every dares.

This place is famous for its fish, the locals cook it in a special way “smoke-cured”, after fish has an intresting taste.

Local hostels will surprise You with its cuisine, fish pies, salted omul, smoke-cured omul, ethnic cuisine, as well as possible fruit drinks (drinks on the basis of wild berries that grow in this area) and the real taiga tea.

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