Here you will find different tours to Baikal from 4 to 14 days, winter tours to Baikal, summer tours to Baikal, classic or ethnic tours, calm or active tours. 
        We created for you a guide to the mysterious, multifaceted and wonderful world of Baikal shores.
        In winter, in Baikal, you will find yourself in icy Baikal with its caves, hummocks, dog sledding, cuisine, and sacred places. Moreover you can cross Baikal on foot or by car (Baikal Drive , Baikal Legend).
        The average air temperature in winter is about minus 20°C in February, and about minus 15°C in March. Basically, all days on Baikal are sunny and even in severe frosts the sun will not let us be sad.
         In summer, you will enjoy your vacation in Olkhon, hiking along green and rocky shores, ship tours, delightful horse trails and comfortable family holidays in the best hotels in Baikal.
          The average water temperature in summer time is about 17°C, so you can easily swim and refresh yourself.
And you can also see Baikal during the amazing contrasting periods of autumn and spring.
We can organize Baikal tours for any budget and taste. You can stay in the hotel, taste local cuisine and learn everything about Baikal legends. Or choose a luxury vacation with European cuisine, excellent service and a full range of entertainment. But, perhaps, you will be attracted by extreme rest. Moreover, we comprehensively organize holidays on Lake Baikal (weddings, birthdays, corporate events, forums, trainings).
You can choose any Baikal tours and we will be glad to organize it for you.
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         If you don’t have a lot of time in Baikal, you can order our excursions from 4 hours to 4 days 🙂


Sacred Baikal (7 days) – 87 000 RUB
Meet Baikal (5 days) – 69 000 RUB
East and West of Baikal (7 days) – 94 000 RUB
Baikal Vacation (5 days) – 71 000 RUB
Summer Baikal classic (5 days) – 65 000 RUB
Olkhon – soul of Baikal (4 days) – 52 000 RUB
Bicycle tour to Baikal (4 days) – 64 000 RUB
Baikal landscapes (12 days) – 159 000 RUB


Kingdom of Ice – 98 500 RUB
Baikal Legend – 73 500 RUB
Winter in Baikal – 70 400 RUB
Baikal Drive – 73 500 RUB
Baikal Ice – 70 400 RUB
Baikal means freedom -83 000 RUB
Winter Classic – 67 700 RUB