Is it your first time on Baikal and you want to see the most popular and famous places in our region? Maybe you don’t have a lot of time for traveling because only one week of vacation left? Perhaps you are traveling on Trans-Siberian Railway (from Moscow to Vladivostok) and you don’t want to keep Baikal outside and desire to meet it?
So, this tour is especially for you. During 7 days you will visit almost all famous places and sights of Lake Baikal. You will visit one of the biggest city in Baikal region Irkutsk, popular tourist village – Listvyanka, taste Buryat cuisine and the famous Baikal omul, get acquainted with a flora and fauna of the lake, look at Baikal from a bird’s eye view and at a depth of 1500 meters, sail a speed boat on Lake Baikal, and of course visit the famous Olkhon island – the largest one on Lake Baikal with 2000 habitants.



Morning meeting at the airport / railway station with a nameplate “BaikalVision”. Excursion with a guide in the historical center of Irkutsk: churches, old wooden houses, new entertaining zone “130 district”. Transfer to Listvyanka village. Visit the Baikal Limnological Museum, where you discover flora and fauna of the Baikal region, you will see live seals, dive to the bottom of Lake Baikal at a depth of 1,637 m for 15 minutes.
Then you will take a lift to Cherskiy rock to look at the picturesque panorama of the Baikal and Angara river.
Lunch in a restaurant of Baikal cuisine, where you will taste famous Baikal omul and Buryat national cuisine. After lunch, you will visit a fish market.
You can also go to the nerpinary or enjoy a boat trip (extra charge). Free time. Free dinner. Overnight at hotel.


Breakfast. Meeting with your guide in the hotel lobby. Transfer to the railway station.
During the whole day, you will see the unique complex of engineering constructions, tunnels, bridges, stations, and all of it is situated along the coast of the immense Baikal.
Lunch. You can eat your lunch in a train or make some “picnic” outside. Train will stop 4-5 times lasting from 20 minutes to 1.5 hour. 
Arrival in Listvyanka at 9 p.m. Transfer to the hotel. Free dinner. Overnight in the hotel.


Breakfast. Transfer to the hydrofoil boat. Boarding. Now you will go to Khuzhir, Olkhon Island.
Arrival at 2 p.m. Late lunch. Today you will have an excursion around Khuzhir village: Shaman Rock, one of the nine sacred place of Asia. Dinner. Overnight in the resort.


Breakfast. Departure for an excursion (8 hours) at the northernmost point of the island – Cape Khoboy. Due to a lack of roads on the island, your trip will be in “road-off” style in specially designed cars like UAZ or Niva.
Cape Khoboy is a sacred place for the indigenous people of the island – the Buryats. It takes plenty of shamanic rituals and religious ceremonies. Here you can see all four sides of the lake. During your excursion, the driver will prepare for you lunch from fresh fish.
Return to Khuzhir. Dinner and overnight in the resort.


Breakfast. Today we will have a long road to Irkutsk (about 5 hours). Departure at 10 a.m.
Lunch on the way (extra charge). On the way back, you can see the 3 types of terrain: rocks, forests and steppes. Arrival in Irkutsk. Please tell your guide where you need to go: to the airport or to a hotel.
End of the program.

  • 82 000 RUR per person in a group of 2 people
  • 72 000 RUR per person in a group of 3 people
  • 62 000 RUR per person in a group of 4 people
  • 59 000 RUR per person in a group of 5 people
  • 54 500 RUR per person in a group of 6 people
  • 54 000 RUR per person in a group of 7 people
  • 54 000 RUR per person in a group of 8 people
  • 53 000 RUR per person in a group of 9 people
  • 50 500 RUR per person in a group of 10 people

Price includes:

  • Accommodation as per itinerary
  • Transport as per itinerary
  • Meals as per itinerary
  • English-speaking guide
  • Visits and Excursions as per itinerary
  • Activities as per itinerary
  • Tickets for a train and for hydrofoil

Price does not include:

  • Airline tickets
  • Alcohol
  • Visa fees and travel insurance
  • Personal expenses and tips
  • Invitation letter
  • Trip Length: 6 days
  • Group: 2 – 10 persons
  • Departure: on request
  • Period: May – September
  • Accommodation: Hotel, Resort
  • Activities: Excursions, Cruise, Cultural exploration
  • Transport: Private car / bus, Train, Hydrofoil , Ferry, 4WD car
  • Visited area: Irkutsk, Listvyanka, Sludyanka, Small Sea, Khuzhir, Olkhon Island 
  1. 30.06.21 – 04.07.21 – available
  2. 07.07.21 – 11.07.21 – available
  3. 14.07.21 – 18.07.21 – available
  4. 21.07.21 – 25.07.21 – available
  5. 28.07.21 – 01.08.21 – available
  6. 03.08.21 – 08.08.21 – available
  7. 11.08.21 – 15.08.21 – available
  8. 18.08.21 – 22.08.21 – available
  9. 25.08.21 – 29.08.21 – available

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Listvyanka – visit-card of Baikal – 15 500 RUB
Olkhon – soul of Baikal – 25 500 RUB
Baikal landscapes – 76 500 RUB

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