Listvyanka was founded approximately in 1725, according to the records of Veselov II (Irkutsk Local History), on the western coast of Baikal, 70 km of the Baikal tract.
The original name of the village was Larch because of the growing larch. But soon, under the influence of slang, the name was shortened and the village became known as Listvyanka. The population of the village is about 2000 people.
Due to its proximity to Baikal, Listvyanka lives in tourism. Practically all residents of Listvyanka work in tourism somehow: in Listvyanka there are about 53 different hotels, guest houses, hostels (these are registered data only), many restaurants for every taste. People also engage in leasing of transport (land, water), selling souvenirs, fish.
Therefore today Listvyanka is rightfully considered a tourist center on Baikal, a visiting card of Baikal.
Every tourist who travels to the Baikal necessarily visits here to look at the tourist village of Baikal. In addition, Listvyanka offers to get acquainted with a flora and fauna of the Baikal nature – visit the Baikal Limnological Museum; to climb the peak of Chersky (on foot or by the lift) to look at Baikal, at mouth of Angara river from a bird’s eye view; try the famous Baikal omul in a fish market, at the same place you can buy souvenirs; to see a show of the Baikal seals in the local nerpinarium; to take motor ships, boats, catamarans; to ride on quadracycles, buggies, bicycles, horses; diving together with professional scuba divers and much more.

Moreover, the Baikal Astrophysical Observatory with the Large Solar Vacuum Telescope is located in the village – it is the largest solar telescope on the Euro-Asian continent.
In winter, Listvyanka have many festivals (music, sports, cultural) such as the Winteriade, Ice Festival, Baikal Ice Marathon and others.
Therefore, be sure, in Listvyanka every tourist will find what to do with himself.

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