When was the last time you were out to Nature? Don’t you want to visit a popular wild nature Spa resort? Don’t you want to escape from civilization and routine?

You are welcome to hot springs called Khakusy. But you should know one thing; there are only two ways to get there the first one is by helicopter or ship in summer the second one is ice crossing in winter. Are you ready for things like these? Then go ahead.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you one more thing. This is another type of tourism in comparison with the tourism in southern part of Lake Baikal. Here you are really so far away from civilization. The nature is really wild, here is so quiet and calm. There are almost no people, just relaxation to the sound of the sea lapping against the rocks, and the hostel’s gasoline generator can only remind you that civilization is nearby.

These hot springs resort are located in the North part of Baikal and are called Khakusy that comes from the Evenk word “Akushi” – hot, according to another version the word “Haku” which means heat.

These hot springs are ideal for the treatment of joint diseases, skin diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Khakusy’s water can be used in different ways externally – taking a bath or a shower and internally – drinking a glass before meals.

There are always two main questions during the trip: “Where to go” and “What to do”? Here are the answers

One unforgettable thing to do is to dip into hot spring when everything around is covered with a snow, and the temperature far below zero.

Secondly you can always relax with your family and enjoy the fellowship and different types of activities such as skiing, skating and tobogganing, ice fishing and much more.

Thirdly it’s so wonderful to spend a time with your girlfriend or wife sitting by the fireplace after walking, which dizzying, and when the cold caused a tingle in your faces.

Enjoy traditional dishes or fresh seafood from the Lake Baikal.

Find enjoyment in riding a snowmobile with the fresh winds blowing in your face, when the sun hurts your eyes reflecting from the white snow. You have a good opportunity to see the bottom of Lake Baikal through the crystalline ice.

Just walk around to discover the wild nature.

Hot springs Khakusy is waiting for you. You are welcome from 10th of June to 15th of October and from early February to 15th of April. In autumn, this place is closed due to storms in the spring due to the melting of the ice on the lake.

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