1942 meters


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So, the facts:

Fact # 1: Baikal is the deepest freshwater lake in the world.

Fact # 2: In 1893 at the point with geographic coordinates 53°14’59” N. lat. 108°05’11” W. d. the expedition carried by Chief Directorate for Navigation & Oceanography of Soviet Union under the leadership of L. G. Kolotylo and I. A. Sulimov determined the maximum depth – 1642 meters.

Fact # 3: In 2009 Mir-2 deep submergence vehicle determined the maximum depth mark (1637 m or 5370 ft) – near the Olkhon island.

Fact # 4: After the diving of bathyscaphe Mir-2 at a depth of 1637 meters, it was established that the bottom of the lake Baikal is smooth and almost perfect.

Were to go and what to do:

During the dive Mir-2 carried out an underwater survey, so now each visitor of the exhibition under the name “Bathyscaphe”, has an opportunity to take a virtual dive to the bottom of the deepest freshwater lake in the world, this virtual trip is interactive, that allows visitors to observe the hidden world of the lake Baikal from different points and in several directions.

We can recommend following tours:

Baikal Vacation – 50 500 RUB
Insta tour to Baikal – 27 000 RUB
Baikal Drive – 50 000 RUB
Baikal Ice – 54 500 RUB
Expedition “Even ice is hot here …” – 109 900 RUB
Baikal means freedom – 43 000 RUB
Winter Classic – 35 000 RUB
Baikal Robinsons – 105 000 RUB
East and West of Baikal – 67 000 RUB
Listvyanka – visit-card of Baikal – 15 500 RUB
Olkhon – soul of Baikal – 25 500 RUB
Baikal landscapes – 76 500 RUB