Barguzin Bay


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So, the facts:

Fact # 1: the Barguzin Bay is the largest Bay of the lake Baikal, its area is 725км2.

Fact # 2: This is the deepest of bays in the region, with a maximum depth of 1284 m.

 Fact # 3: On Barguzin Bay there is the biggest and the longest sandy beach in a region, by the way according to opinion of tourists this beach is the most comfortable one.

Where to go:

A part of the Barguzin Bay the Kultuk Bay which is considered to be an independent reservoir. This place is the most comfortable for bathing, as the water is heated to a temperature of 22 degrees.

Svyatoi Nos Peninsula – the perfect place for trekking and conquering mountain peaks, with the highest point of the Peninsula Cape Svyatoy (1877 m) here you can observe panoramic views of the Barguzin mountains.

Ininsky garden is nature-made stone garden.

Do you feel excessively tired after a long day at trekking and hiking? Hot mineral springs will help you remove fatigue, here you can relax a little and after bathing you can have a nap in a comfortable hotel room.

What to do:

Are you keen on hiking, trekking or climbing the mountains?! So southern part of the Bay will provide you with hiking trails of varying difficulty, and all the necessary equipment can be rented from the nearby tourist camps.

If you are interested in different cultures, you are always welcome to ethnic cafes and restaurants. There you can taste dishes of the Buryat, Evenk and Russian cuisine. Usually café and restaurant interior represent ethnic culture with samples of folk art, national clothes, national games and of course music.

One more exciting thing to do is visiting Russian “banya” which is similar to sauna but with its own features. There you can use different types of bath besoms (eucalypt one, birch one and so on) which help you to enjoy the steam of Russian banya. It will make you feel like new. Not everybody dares to dive in to the snow strictly after visiting “banya”, but who does usually gets unforgettable emotions and experience.

People who like active rest can enjoy horse riding or bike tours, rent Zorb, skates, skis, and other equipment for entertaining. Just imagine you are in a huge sphere, walking on the grassy plains of this place, sandy beach, the surface of the lake, and of course on the snow (in winter time).

People who like extreme sports can take buggy tours and rafting.

For fans of pictorialism – there are many Hiking trails of varying difficulty, where you can make lots of photos.

For those who like to be alone with nature – picking berries and mushrooms, medicinal herbs.

We will definitely entrust with a secret of healing taiga tea with a unique taste that keeps the energy of nature. It will strengthen your immune system, give the charge of energy having satisfied your thirst.

All these things are waiting for you’re here in Barguzin Bay.

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