Posolskiy Bay


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So, the facts:

Fact # 1: The bay named after the Russian Embassy tragically died on the way to China. Sooner on this place the monastery was founded and a bit later Russian settlement.

Fact # 2: Scientists do believe that the history of origin Posolskiy Bay is similar to Proval Bay. As a result of a earthquake a huge plot of land went under a water and the Bay was formed.

Fact # 3: The Posolskiy Bay is a place for annual competition in Windsurfing.

Where to go and what to do:

Posolskiy Bay is a shallow Bay located in the South-Eastern coast of Baikal in the Republic of Buryatia.

The length of the Bay from South to North-East is 10 km. The maximum width is 4.9 km. The area of a Bay is about 40 sq. km The Bay is separated from the lake Baikal by narrow sandy strips named Northern and Southern or a common name – the Karga Peninsula. The southern spit has a length of 7 km – the longest and the youngest spit in a Region.

Between Northern and Southern spits there is a strait with a depth about 700 meters called “Prorva”. The Posolskiy Bay has its own special microclimate because water of deeper lake area can get into the bay only during severe storms.

The flora and fauna of the Bay is reach due to its microclimate, thus Baikal omul spawns here.

Posolskiy Bay is a popular summer vocational spot situated on Eastern shore of the Lake Baikal. Since 1999 a part of the water area and South-Easter coast became a recreational area Baikalskiy priboi called Kultushnaya with area 10452 hectares where different tourist complexes such as hotels, tourist camps, entertaining centers are located.

This place is popular due to its soft and warm climate, water with a temperature in 22 degree, sandy beaches and varity of entertainment.

Popular resorts are– Baikalskiy Priboy, Boyarskiy, Posolskoe.

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