Additional Service - Olkhon


  • Meeting the sunset – an additional 1,000 rubles to the main excursion.
  • Car rental from 9.00 – 18.00 (with lunch) – 15,000 rubles
  • Transfer Ferry – Khuzhir – Ferry – 7,000 rubles
  • Transfer on ice from Khuzhir to Ust-Barguzin (with lunch) – 30,000 rubles
  • One battery – 1000 rubles
  • Three batteries – 2500 rubles
  • Whole day with the possibility of recharging – 5000 rubles
  • Meeting with a shaman (with lunch in his house) – 1800 rubles per person.

    The shaman will conduct the ritual “Way of the Traveler” to mke your luck always with you, to make sun always shine  over your head. Also, the shaman will tell you about himself, about his life. In addition, you will have a unique opportunity to ask your questions that interest you. You will also have a lunch in his house – “Shulen” soup, “Pozy”, salads from wild garlic, salted cabbage, buryat salamat, dessert and local tea.

  • Banya in the guest house – 1000 rubles per person (1 hour)
  • Banya on a shore of Baikal – 1500 rubles per person (1 hour)
  • Winter fishing – 2000 rubles per person (min 2 people)
  • Summer fishing – 3000 rubles per person (min 4 people)
  • Ice skate rental – 1000 rubles (1 day)
  • Ice skate rental for the whole tour (no matter how many days) – 5000 rubles
  • Baikal Kiss – 500 rubles for 0.5 Baikal cognac.

    We provide :
    1) a drill with a special pen for making a hole in ice.
    2) 0.5 Baikal homemade cognac (optionally cocktail tubes).

First time at winter Baikal? Then it will be very unusual for you to walk on ice without Crampons.
Crampons will help you to walk on the ice without without any effort, and most importantly, you will never slip in them.

    • Crampons – 100 rubles (1 day)
    • Crampons – 500 rubles (the whole tour).
  • Bicycle(in summer) – 300 rubles (1 hour)
  • Bicycle (in summer) – 1000 rubles (1 day)
  • Bicycles with spikes (in winter) – 600 rubles (1 hour)
  • Bicycles with spikes (in winter) – 1800 rubles (1 day)
  • Inflatable snow tube during excursions to the South or North – 2000 rubles per car.

    Take a ride behind our UAZ (4WD car) on a Inflatable snow tube (where possible). An unforgettable experience of real jumps on crystal clear ice.

  • Horse riding along Baikal shore – 2000 rubles per person (1 hour)
  • Rent for an hour – 1000 rubles
  • Rent for the whole day – 3000 rubles
  • Rent for an hour – 1000 rubles
  • Full day rent – 3000 rubles
  • Water excursion “Triangle” is a unique opportunity to see Ogoy Island in summer.
    You will also visit mineral water of Olkhon.
    During the excursion, you will sail along several islands of Small Sea.
    The excursion is called a triangle due to the fact that the water trajectory of your excursion is in the form of a triangle.
    Duration – 8 hours.
    Lunch is included in the excursion price (Baikal fish soup, sandwiches, tea).

    Group excursion – 2 000 rubles per person
    Individual excursion – 30 000 rubles.

You travel in Baikal, but don’t want to miss fitness classes?
We have a solution, Fitness in Olkhon (Monday, Thursday) with an instructor – 500 rubles – 1 lesson.
You should have a mat and water with you.

Yoga in Olkhon (in summer) is a meditation during sunset on the shore of Baikal accompanied by spiritual music and the guitar of our Yogi.
It takes around an hour every day.
The cost of the lesson is 1000 rubles per person.

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