Insta tour to Baikal


Surely you have seen beautiful photos from Lake Baikal in Instagram and dreamed of visiting it. And now you finally decided to visit Baikal. The only thing left is to take a vacation, buy plane tickets, pack a luggage and choose a tour … Choose a tour? CHOOSE A TOUR ??? How to choose the only tour from all the variety of programs? Because the trip to Baikal is a responsible, serious and not an everyday matter, and maybe it will be the first and the last time in Baikal in your life?

Therefore, you google this the one and only. Yes, yes, we are still talking about the tour. Three days have passed, and now, it seems that you found it. It is necessary to book, but you didn’t have the heart, something is not right here. And suddenly you remember your trip to Europe, Turkey, Egypt, and you realize that all your photos, to put it mildly, are only for a family photo album.
Besides you have already told all your friends that you are going to Baikal, they will demand pictures in Instagram. And what should be done? What to do?
How to find top locations in Baikal, where to hire a professional photographer, how to choose the best time with beautiful light, who will tell you how to posture correctly?

We can answer all these questions; we can solve all your problems in our INSTA tour to Baikal. We present to your attention a stunning, mind-blowing, and simply awesome Insta tour to Baikal.
During three days, you will visit the Marble Quarry in Buguldeyka, Tazheranskie steppes, Olkhon Island from south to north. You will ride a boat, kayak, SUP boards. All your followers will be delighted with your photos, the number of likes will go through the roof and your mood will only rise.
Did you feel how your heart sank, your pulse was elevated, your breathing won’t come back, and you are quaking in your boots?
These are all signs of love at first sight. Therefore, hurry up to book, because the number of seats is limited.



Meeting in the airport / railway station. Departure to Olkhon Island. On the way, stop at a marble quarry📷. Lunch in the restaurant of Buryat cuisine. Stop in Tazheran valley📷. Ferry. Arrival to Khuzhir. Check-in. Excursion around Khuzhir village: Shamanka rocks and Cape Burkhan📷. Meeting Sunset near Shamanka rock. Dinner and overnight in the guest house. 

Today we have three main locations 📷 – Marble Quarry,  Tazheran Valley, and  Shamanka Rock.

Breakfast at 8 am. Excursion to the Northern part of Olkhon Island starts at 9 am. Today we will  have a special “Olkhonsky” off-road vehicle – UAZ “Bukhanka”.

On the way to Cape Khoboy, we will visit 7 locations:

📷 Kharantsy village, where we will see the local Lion and Crocodile.  After  Kharantsy village you will cross the territory of the national park.
📷 Sandy bay, with abandoned barracks for prisoners, with a beautiful sandy beach for swimming.
📷 Cape “Three Brothers”. Sheer cliffs reminiscent of the Eagle.
📷 Cape Khoboy. During a walk along Cape Khoboy, our driver will cook a lunch from fresh omul on a fire for us.
📷 Cape Shunte or Cape “Love”, where we can make wishes by throwing a stone into open Baikal.
📷Monument “Keeper of Baikal” in the form of 7.5 meters high bronze tree, which was created by the famous Buryat artist Dashi Namdakov.
📷Meteorological station “Uzury”, where only one family lives and they also work at this station, measuring the air temperature and tremors.
Return to Khuzhir at 17-18.00. Dinner at 19.00. Overnight in the guest house.


Breakfast. Departure from the guest house. On the way to the ferry you will have 
several locations and activities in the Southern part of Olkhon Island:

📷  Kayaking or SUP-boarding
📷Departure to Ogoy Island by boat. The place is famous for the fact that the Buddhist stupa of Enlightenment is located here, in which various relics are enclosed.
📷The ascent to the coast of Olkhon, where our driver takes us to Mount Trident.
📷 Departure to the ferry. Boarding the ferry. Departure to Irkutsk. End of the program.

  • 27 000 RUB per person in a group of 10 people
  • 29 000 RUB per person in a group of 9 people
  • 31 000 RUB per person in a group of 8 people
  • 33 500RUB per person in a group of 7 people
  • 33 500RUB per person in a group of 6 people
  • 37 500RUB per person in a group of 5 people
  • 43 500RUB per person in a group of 4 people

Price includes:

  • Accommodation as per itinerary
  • Transport as per itinerary
  • Meals as per itinerary
  • English-speaking guide
  • Visits and
  • Excursions as per itinerary
  • Activities as per itinerary

Price does not include:

  • Airline tickets 
  • Alcohol
  • Visa fees and
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses and
  • Tips
  • Invitation letter

The sequence of visits can be changed depending on weather conditions.
Guaranteed departure from 4 people.
Accommodation is expected in rooms of the “Standard” category.
The room or hotel category can be changed according to your preferences. Please contact us before departure.

  • Trip Length: 5 days
  • Group: from 4  persons
  • Departure: on request
  • Period: Whole Year
  • Accommodation: Hotel, Guest house
  • Activities: Excursions, Cultural exploration, Meeting with a Shaman 
  • Transport: Private car / bus, 4WD car, ferry
  • Visited area: Irkutsk, Small Sea, Khuzhir, Olkhon Island, Cape Khoboy
  1. 03.07.21 — 05.07.21 — available
  2. 31.07.21 — 02.08.21 — available
  3. 14.08.21 — 16.08.21 — available

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